HOT WATER CHALLENGE...what is this you say?

Customer taking the #HotWaterChallenge

Why would I want to do a HOT WATER CHALLENGE in the heat of the summer? Well, this is great question. We are simply wanting you to see how in the most extreme conditions, we can still keep you cool. No, it is not every day you would be next to a hot water spring in the wild needing to cool off, but it is possible. What most likely will happen is you get your towel wet and then the heat of the sun will eventually make it warm or even hot. Well, we have the solution. Just shake it and the advanced evaporative cooling technology will provide instant and long-lasting relief from the heat. No need to run back to the house to run under cold water. No need to put it in the freezer. Just shake it!

We asked some customers to join in our HOT WATER CHALLENGE and share their videos. He is one of our latest.

Plus, you are welcome to join in on the fun and share your videos with the #SHAKEitCOOL and #HotWaterChallenge. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Because we know here at SHAKEitCOOL, you are the one that truly makes us cool!