SHAKEitCOOL Keeps the NWAA Sharks Cool at the ARSI LC Championship

SHAKEitCOOL Keeps the NWAA Sharks Cool at the ARSI LC Championship

SHAKEitCOOL keeps the NWAA Sharks Swim Team cool at the pool this last weekend for the ARSI LC Championship. With temps nearing triple digits, it helped keep the swimmers safe and cool, which is always priority. There are more champs than we can name here, but check out NWAA Sharks Swim Team Facebook page to see the winners and to learn more about the organization.

Here at SHAKEitCOOL we love supporting our community by donating product to organizations that are making an difference. The NWAA Sharks Swim Team are doing that through teaching K-12 athletes to focus on training and pushing themselves to the next level in competitive swimming. These are great skills for any kid to learn for their future no matter what they pursue.  

As a small business owners ourselves, we love seeing that being taught to our community. We want to foster our business's ties to the community and donating product has been a great way to give back. We will continue to look for opportunities to connect the community, so reach out if you know of somebody doing good where we live.

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NWAA Sharks Swim Team Girls team enjoying SHAKEitCOOL at the pool

GREAT JOB,  NWAA Sharks Swim Team and look forward to seeing where the future takes all the champs!